Embassy of Peru in India

After having served in India for a year I am sure Peru and India could cultivate better trade and cultural relations and that there is an enormous potential to reinitiate a renewed interaction and better links between both countries. In that sense, Peru offers a great opportunity for Indian investments and to do business in a framework of an open economy with confidence and security because Peru in the last few years has earned a solid and stable economic position as result of the economic stabilization programme and a structural reform process applied since the last decade.

With the culmination of the electoral process in June, 2001 Dr. Alejandro Toledo was elected as President of the Republic of Peru, for the period 2001-2006. He assumed office on the 28th of July 2001, the day that Peru celebrates its 180th Anniversary of Independence. Our country will then start a constitutional order recovery in a context of an authentic democratic process that has created a great deal of optimism in Peru and in the international community.

In this new panorama we Peruvians have great expectations and hope in President Toledo in his role as Head of State for the next 5 years. We trust that through proper political strategies, he will foster the role that should lead to a modern State - a state in a free market economy, but with social responsibility and that his leadership will stimulate rapid social and economic growth of the country.

This publication brings and offers updated information on Peru about many issues such as its history, economy, trade, culture and tourism that was compiled from several official and private sources, and I hope it will contribute to enhancing the possibilities for strengthening the relationship between Peru and India.